Are your limiting beliefs stopping you from traveling?

Espresso Shot - Are your limiting beliefs stopping you from traveling?

I often get asked the same questions over and over again about how I afford to travel, where do I get so much time off work, who plans all your trips for you, and who do you travel with? The truth is I don't know the answer to any of those questions, I go with my gut,

I never wait for the "perfect" time.

I am a strong believer of creating your own future with your thoughts, actions, and manifesting the life that you desire. I don't sit back and wait for the perfect vacation to come to me. In fact, I am taking a trip this coming fall for the first time that I haven't done one ounce of planning in. First time in 6 years of full time traveling! I've never used a travel agent, I don't always have the time off work, and I'm definitely not a millionaire, yet I FIND a way. That is key. An old boss once told me,

"it never hurts to ask...what's they worse they can tell you, no?"

And that has stuck true with me through this day. If you don't have vacation time, ask. If you need someone to watch your kids or animals, ask. MAKE this happen for yourself. The old adage, 'if there is a will there is a way,' I'm telling you from experience it IS true.

Below are some limiting beliefs you might have or have heard other people  say:

  1. I don't have any vacation time.
  2. My boss would never let me.
  3. I can't get time off work.
  4. I don't have enough money.
  5. Traveling alone is dangerous.
  6. I have too many bills.
  7. No one will watch the kids or the animals.
  8. I have too much going on.
  9. I don't know where to go.
  10. Planning vacation is complicated work.
  11. Traveling is expensive.

How many of these have you said yourself or at least heard someone else say. They are all self-limiting beliefs, each of them keeping you within your safe box at home.

Playing it safe, not experience your true hearts desire.

Have you always dreamt of traveling but keep putting it off? Become envious when other people travel or find yourself day dreaming of exotic islands in the Caribbean? This is all available to you! YOU can make this happen for yourself. Self-limiting beliefs could be hold you back from your natural born right to explore the world.

Next time you hear yourself or someone else utter these limiting beliefs, become a stop agent. Stop them or yourself and rephrase whatever comes out. Because what you put out into the universe, the universe will respond. And if you say travel is expensive, then it's only going to be expensive.

XOXO ~Savvy

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Valuable lessons I learned while taking a hiatus from social media.

Social Media Hiatus - Valuable lessons I learned while taking a hiatus from social media.

I know you have them… Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, the list goes on and on. In today’s society social media is used just as frequently as using the telephone, hell even the President of the United States is Tweeting! The use of them expected in some jobs and frequently seen as preposterous if you are one of the few who don’t entertain the society of millions connected.

I prided myself in only using Facebook and Instagram, occasionally for inspiration, Pintrest. Perfecting and posting selfies, tagging myself in exotic locations, mindlessly likely hundreds of unknown people’s photos per day. I didn’t use Snapchat because by damn if I was going to send a naked photo it better be to someone I trusted, i.e my boyfriend (with my head cut out of the photo) and I was way too busy living an amazing, fulfilled life to be recording every second of it along the way.

THEN… came along Instagram’s new and updated version which allows you to virtually do the same. I began by only posting travel related videos…but then I was hooked. Fueled by the adrenaline of every new person watching and commenting, before I knew it I was well on my way to posting one more.

Then something inside myself made me pause and contemplate… how much time;

valuable, irreplaceable, hours

of my life am I wasting on these? Time I am NEVER going to get back. Could it be I too, the girl who preaches live in the moment, you only have one life to live and make it the best you can, find fulfillment and purpose to you life… had become a victim to the virtual suctioning of social media?

well…turns out I had.

So I vowed a break. No Instagram, no Facebook, no Pintrest for one week and these are the valuable lessons I took away from it.

  1. By constantly exposing ourselves to “Instagram models” we are perpetually putting ourselves in a state of constant comparison, thus causing us to feel like shit about ourselves. Whether it be their awesome relationship, cute kids, designer clothing, killer make-up skills, or chiseled six pack.
  2. Most of the time the photos we see are only the BEST and often HIGHLY edited versions of what people choose to put out there. Think about it, do you post a photo in a bikini when you’re bloated, breaking out, on your period, and just smashed a second box of Thin Mints? FUCK NO you don’t. You better believe I only post the best one out of 948 other photos, after it has went through at least two editing apps, usually in the morning after a night of drinking when I’m heavily dehydrated. (it just got real)
  3. I was wasting SOO MUCH time. (I’m actually very disappointed and a little embarrassed with how much I let myself get consumed by these) With my new found freedom I was able to reach out and talk (actually conversations, I know a prehistoric concept these days!) to friends I had lost touch with, catch up on my blog, meditate more, spend more time with my dog, and be in nature; activities that I highly value.
  4. My anxiety decreased TREMENDOUSLY (like TENFOLD). Being a Virgo with type A personality and still working to step more into my feminine form from a masculine based energy, I am perpetually in overdrive and frequently get caught up in my head with worry and anxiety.
  5. I was more focused. Without social media plaguing my every thought, not to mention the countless interruptions when checking how many likes I received, I was able to devote my full concentration on the task at hand.
  6. My mind was less riddled with information overload; who was wearing what, doing who, eating this, and snapping that. Thus clearing my mental space for what truly matters, the now and the present.
  7. I truthfully didn’t miss it at all.


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How words you habitually use shape your experiences in life and how you can change them!

My Carry On Bag Essentials 2 - How words you habitually use shape your experiences in life and how you can change them!

I’ve recently come across a concept that has really made an impact I’m my life.

What if I told you by changing the vocabulary you use on a regular basis, the words in you use to describe your emotions throughout your life, you could instantaneously begin to change the way you feel, think, and live your life.

This concept is known as Transformational Vocabulary. It was coined by the amazing, motivational guru, Tony Robbins himself. I stumbled upon this concept while reading his book, Awaken the Giant Within. In this book he reveals there are over half a MILLON words in the English Language, however on average individuals use only 2,000-10,000 on a regular basis.

0.5-1% of the human language is all we are using!

Imagine the vast array of emotions and feelings you are not experiencing simply because they are not part of your habitual vocabulary. In contrast, think of the feelings and emotions you are keeping in your life with the limited vocabulary you use on a regular basis!

Let me break it down for you:

Lets say three people are experiencing the same event, but all three are using different words to describe their emotions and experiences. One is frazzled, one is upset, and one is furious. How is it possible that the same event triggers three very different emotions in each person, thus creating three very different experiences?

What I found to be even more upsetting is in the 3,000 plus words we use to describe emotions, more than double the words are negative verses positive ones to describe emotion!

Sad, isn’t it?

Interestingly Mr. Robbins goes onto explain, if you don’t have a word or way of representing something, you can’t experience it.

In essence: the words we attach to our experiences BECOME our experience. 

Therefore, if we consciously choose the words to describe our emotional states, we can change our whole experiences and significantly lower the risk of creating more pain than is truly necessary.


-Think about what are some areas you want to change in your life and the words you constantly use to describe your situation or emotional state.

-Is there another word with less emotional intensity that more accurately fits in its place? Are you really always depressed, broke, irritated, stressed? What about it a temporary rut, need to tighten your spending, peeved-instantly these words carry less emotional intensity.

-For the next week deleted these words from your vocabulary and see how you feel.


To read more about how to shape your life with these concepts and change your life click here.



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6 Quick Self Love Practices (do in less than an hour!)

Screen Shot 2017 04 30 at 8.06.57 PM - 6 Quick Self Love Practices (do in less than an hour!)

We all deserve a little self love with our busy lives these days it’s often hard to find time for self loving practices. These six quick self love activities can all be done in about an hour, and the pay off is huge. So get prepared to relax, de-stress, let go, and unwind for some well deserved you time!

1. Write down 5 things you are grateful for.

-This will open your heart and place you in an open mindset with a heart that is ready to receive love.

2. Think back 5 years ago, what is something you wished for that you have now or have accomplished, write it down.

-The processes of writing things down allows you to visualize with your eyes as well….give your wonderful self some acknowledgement for all your hard work and how far you have come!

3. Take an Epsom salt bath

-Epsom salt helps relieve stress, soften skin, and soothe tired muscles!

4. Light a Candle or two, so that you have enough light to turn off the actual lights (this is importance for ambiance!) close your eyes and do a 15 minute Meditation.

-Click here for my favorite one

5.Give your hair a conditioning treatment or do a facial mask while in the tub.

-Give your skin and hair some extra love, this is YOUR special time to nourish yourself.

6. Rub yourself down with some coconut oil.

-Feel your body, look at how your skin glows beneath the candle light. Embrace your femininity. Feel your womanly power and all the love flowing from your heart into the world.

Breath in and out! Thank you so much for reading my blog and joining my journey! I hope you found this helpful and share it with others to empower them. Comment below to let me know what you think as well as any self love practices you find useful!


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5 Ways to Embrace Your Femininity

Screen Shot 2017 04 10 at 8.57.44 PM - 5 Ways to Embrace Your Femininity

For many years I felt shame and guilt. I let societies beliefs and expectations control my own thoughts and actions. I wasn't living in harmony with who I really was. This manifested into terrible issues with my relationship with myself as well as my relationships with others. I used to think that if I accepted my own feelings of sadness, love, or gratitude; I would appear weak and if I slipped, I wouldn't be able to control myself.

I feared that if I showed too much emotion I would appear needy, insecure, or over dramatic.

Does this all sound too familiar?

As young girls we are brought up and taught to be strong, brave, courageous. To set out in the world and conquer their dreams because our parents want us to be successful in this world. The problem with this is that the focus is strictly on masculine attributes. Did your mother ever tell you, "you know what honey why don't you take sometime for yourself, do some yoga, meditate and have a hot bath." Young women are label, told to cover up, criticized, to "act like a lady," leaving us feeling shameful of our feminine state of being. We are left repressed of our true nature, never taught a means of creatively expressing our femininity. Overall, as a society I don't believe we do a good job of embracing this. 

Start MOVING intuitively, move in a way that makes you feel sexy.

I had no seduction, no grace. Embracing my femininity wasn't something that came naturally for me. In fact, it felt VERY awkward. Start incorporating a practice in your daily routine that makes you feel sexy and embodies your femininity. Strict workout plans, CrossFit, and weight lifting are very structured and intense. You want to do something that allows to you flow, move with intuition, and creates a feeling of softness. (Softness does not equal easy) pole dancing class can push you out of your comfort zone leading to some strong feelings that can be difficult to overcome, but keep at it, eventually you will start to feel more sexy, graceful, and soft. Learn to listen to your body, your femininity, instead of constantly pushing with a masculine force.

Allow time for rest and rejuvenation.

Woman have come a long way from popping out babies, raising a family, and cooking in the kitchen. We are incredible beings, we can create life! And with that comes cycles, cravings, yearnings, and emotions. Living in the fast paced society we do on top of the other thousands of items we attempt to juggle, it's imperative to take a "time-out." In the beginning this was incredibly hard for me. I was so accustomed to balancing life on a tight rope juggling family, friends, work, school, dating, and being on the go all the time. When I look back I realize I was doing so many things I actually didn't want to do and in return I wasn't showing up with my best self present.

So draw up that bubble bath, turn off your phone, and light a candle and get to know yourself. Don't feel like you have to do everything; it's ok to ask for help if you feel overwhelmed and it's ok to say no to things you don't want to do. It won't be easy at first, but stick with it and I promise you will begin to feel your intuition once again and become one with yourself the way Mother Nature intended.

Discover your negative and limiting beliefs.

What are some beliefs you hold about being girlie or feminine? We hear things like "she's such a sissy," a tomboy, or that's "mans job." We hear them from our parents when growing up and slowly they become ingrained into our thinking and develop into our belief systems. Good news is that you are now an adult and can make your own choices freely about what you choose to believe or not.

So whenever you feel yourself judging someone or thoughts come up about this write them down so that you slowly become more aware of what is holding you back. You may also discover through this there are some areas that need further work which will allow you to further discover your true self, take power and step into your feminine nature. 

Become aware of your inner dialogue.

How does the dialogue inside your mind speak to yourself? Nagging, critical, always putting you down? Or is it positive, encouraging, and loving? Imagine a child who was only spoken to how you speak to yourself? Would they grow up to be successful, confident, productive members of society? Not if they are always being belittled and berated and the same goes for you, if you are constantly speaking down to yourself, judging yourself in every mirror you walk past, how are you supposed to grow?

We need to become our biggest cheerleader.

This was also a big struggle of mine, but once I discovered and released my NEGATIVE AND LIMITING belief that self love and care was self indulgent and selfish, I was able to being to fully love and nurture myself. 

Find someone to express your feelings to.

I use the word express because you want to be able to open up to someone who is going to listen, offer words of encouragement and not cast judgement. I believe that as woman we are programed to try to fix everything, we over analyze, replay, and repeat. I would make myself sick in vicious cycles of over analyzation, feeling shameful, then guilty, then even more shameful for feeling shameful and guilty. Especially with failed relationships and friendships, jobs I didn't get, I was terrible!

Don't allow these feelings to get the best of you, share your feelings with a close friend.

And really don't ever feel guilty about having any emotion or feeling, we are all human. Allow yourself to feel the emotion and then release it if it no longer serves you.

Incorporate these 5 practices into your daily life and take note of how you start to feel. Strange? Uncomfortable? All of those are ok, you are stepping out of your comfort zone and growing into the feminine being you were meant to be and have repressed for all these years. I am a year into my journey and I still have daily struggles to this day, but I am determined to be a better person than I was yesterday. Stepping out of the leader role and letting someone else take the reins still makes me feel uneasy, but it gets easier every time. With patience and daily practice you too will soon realize the beauty of embracing your femininity. 


Comment Below: Have you incorporated anything into your life that has really helped you step into your femininity? What advice would you give to someone who is just starting?


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