Greek Island Fashion Inspiration

Greek Island Fashion Inspiration 1 - Greek Island Fashion Inspiration

If your travel plans include island hopping in Greece, light packing is a must, the last thing you want is to be lugging a huge suitcase on and off the ferry.

*Tip-if you're staying on a boat bring a collapsable suitcase to save storage space*

Lightweight, free flowing dresses, pinstripes, and nautical prints are going to be your go-to's. As the islands can be fairly casual, you still want to be able to dress up every now and then. Aim for outfits with maximum versatility to keep your bags light, make sure you don't forget a long duster or long sleeve button-up to keep you warm at night. I prefer a long sleeve white button-up that can be tied up with shorts, double as a swimsuit cover, or thrown over a dress at night. I wouldn't recommend bringing heels, flat Grecian tan or black sandals will save your ankles while walking on uneven cobblestone. Don't pack anything thick or heavy that will take a long time to dry. I love wearing scarves and head wraps which make your salty, sea blown hair easily manageable.

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