A renewed sense of purpose in your life?

Deep, meaningful friendships?

World Travel?

A life reset button?

A complete mindset overhaul?

A tranformative experience like no other?

Support in manifesting your WiLDEST dreams?

Sick of

Not knowing your life purpose?

Feeling lost?

Living pay check to pay check?

Putting fear in the driver's seat of your life?

Lacking supportive relationships in life?

Thinking everyone else is living their best life but you?

Holding yourself back from manifesting your dream life?

Do you ever wish life came with a RESET button?

Are you struggling to find purpose? Have you lost your zest for life?

We believe that in order to live an extraordinary life, we need a balance of love, connection, a sense of purpose, fun and play, and excitement for life.

Wild Savannah and You Are have joined hands to intentionally bring you a sacred, yet powerful retreat experience, which hone in on their collection passions of helping women live fulfilling, soulful, adventurous lives, untamed and unapologetic- a life on their own terms! 

Which is why we created this event

We want this for YOU too!

What if we told you...YOU too could wake up each morning with clarity, passion, and purpose?

  • Are you searching for more?

  • Are you tired of the same limiting beliefs playing in your head over and over?

  • Do you know you were meant for more?

  • Do you want to unlock all the incredible manifestations that have been burning within you?

  • Are you ready to breakthrough your limitations?

  • Looking to be surrounded by positive, powerful, supportive, and inspiring women?

  • Are you ready to manifest a life of your WiLDEST dreams and share the experience with others?

  • Are you ready to become the BEST versions of yourself?

  • Are your ready to raise your frequency?

  • Are you ready to surrender, and grow?

What if we told you, YOU TOO can join us in one of the most SPIRITUAL locations in the world?

This retreat is the ultimate 4-night immersion experience where you get to be you, TRULY YOU.

Are you ready to redesign and transform YOUR story?

This is where breakthroughs happen, where women come for a complete mindset overhaul in the most inspiring place on Earth. 

Allow yourself to escape and find the REAL you in an unforgettable way.

This is where SERIOUS women come to redefine what success, fulfillment, happiness, and living a life of their WiLDEST dreams mean to them!

Retreat Details

Joshua Tree, California a place for people to be at one with nature. Join us for an intimate group of strong, powerful women who want to rekindle their inner goddess. Through meditation, yoga, soulful meals, and a sense of adventure we will embark on a journey that allows us to take a break from our hectic day-to-day lives and practice being present so we can start to look within. 


Immerse yourself in nature under the starlet skies of Joshua Tree Desert. Surrounded by acres of high-desert bliss, you will be among desert oak, piñon and juniper studded desert. It's peace. On earth. Inside and out, asleep and awake, under the covers or under the stars -this retreat offers a big sigh of relief.  Just up the road is the boundary of Joshua Tree National Park and the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve. It offers unobstructed views of the San Gorgonio Mountain and the northern edge of the Sawtooth Wilderness.


ALL INCLUSIVE stay under the Milky Way includes:

  • Delicious chef prepared meals (breakfasts, lunches, and dinners included)

  • Subversive transformational experiences with practical/applicable steps to living your best life.

  • Private yoga instructor for the ultimate soul workout experience held each morning in the middle of the desert, surrounded by boulders and mountains.

  • Daily guided meditations & yoga to unlock the power of your subconscious mind for massive success.

  • Transformative daily group coaching and journaling sessions.

  • Practical, real-life tools to begin to release fear and create a life you can't wait to live.

  • Healing crystal and stone introduction to channel and manifest your deepest desires.

  • Focused private 1:1 coaching sessions (ONLY for those who choose pay-in-full option)

  • Powerful manifesting rituals to raise your vibration and unlock your manifesting powers.



Goodie bag upon arrival filled with manifesting swag like candles, crystals, journals, tank top & so much more! ($250 value) (*Actual goodie bag contents subject to change)