Are your limiting beliefs stopping you from traveling?

Espresso Shot - Are your limiting beliefs stopping you from traveling?

I often get asked the same questions over and over again about how I afford to travel, where do I get so much time off work, who plans all your trips for you, and who do you travel with? The truth is I don't know the answer to any of those questions, I go with my gut,

I never wait for the "perfect" time.

I am a strong believer of creating your own future with your thoughts, actions, and manifesting the life that you desire. I don't sit back and wait for the perfect vacation to come to me. In fact, I am taking a trip this coming fall for the first time that I haven't done one ounce of planning in. First time in 6 years of full time traveling! I've never used a travel agent, I don't always have the time off work, and I'm definitely not a millionaire, yet I FIND a way. That is key. An old boss once told me,

"it never hurts to ask...what's they worse they can tell you, no?"

And that has stuck true with me through this day. If you don't have vacation time, ask. If you need someone to watch your kids or animals, ask. MAKE this happen for yourself. The old adage, 'if there is a will there is a way,' I'm telling you from experience it IS true.

Below are some limiting beliefs you might have or have heard other people  say:

  1. I don't have any vacation time.
  2. My boss would never let me.
  3. I can't get time off work.
  4. I don't have enough money.
  5. Traveling alone is dangerous.
  6. I have too many bills.
  7. No one will watch the kids or the animals.
  8. I have too much going on.
  9. I don't know where to go.
  10. Planning vacation is complicated work.
  11. Traveling is expensive.

How many of these have you said yourself or at least heard someone else say. They are all self-limiting beliefs, each of them keeping you within your safe box at home.

Playing it safe, not experience your true hearts desire.

Have you always dreamt of traveling but keep putting it off? Become envious when other people travel or find yourself day dreaming of exotic islands in the Caribbean? This is all available to you! YOU can make this happen for yourself. Self-limiting beliefs could be hold you back from your natural born right to explore the world.

Next time you hear yourself or someone else utter these limiting beliefs, become a stop agent. Stop them or yourself and rephrase whatever comes out. Because what you put out into the universe, the universe will respond. And if you say travel is expensive, then it's only going to be expensive.

XOXO ~Savvy

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