Packing Tips for the Overpacker

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Living out of a suitcase every other week last year really allowed me to hone in on packing more realistically. The idea of less is more has never been so relevant. Now the thought of not having all of my outfits prepared and thoughtfully organized gives me anxiety as this is method ensures you won't be left wishing you had packed thing. Now listen... I know what you're thinking, I could never be a light packer, I LOVEEE to have options, I don't want to be without anything. Blah, blah... I've heard it all, growing up with a mother who always "has it in her purse" I can hear people saying it now...

"ask Janet, she probably has it in her purse."

LOVEEE YOU MOM! But honestly I've heard it all. And to be quite honest up until a year ago I thought the same way... I would rather be too prepared than under and I wanted to ALWAYS BE prepared. So trust me when I say I know...but you will love your new found freedom, be sporting cute new looks, and have a little extra room to bring home awesome finds when traveling. 

So here is what I do...

  1. Start preparing early, this allows you to have more time for the next step...
  2. I recommend going back through your things at a minimum of two times for thinning. In general we have this automatic thought process of thinking that more is better, but more actually clouds your thinking, slows you down, and keeps you from wearing unique cute outfits because you are more inclined to go with your "safe" automatic choice when given too many options.
  3. Have each outfit prepared...I like to have everything for my outfits....socks, underwear, bra, jewelry, shoes picked out. This way you know you have exactly what you need and you won't need to pack extra, "just in case" items, by doing this you are eliminating the just in case.
  4. Try to pack outfits that compliment one another...go with a theme or a central color.
  5. Shoes....this is usually where I struggle. (why haven't they invited shoe friendly luggage yet? I mean you pack a pair of wedges and boots and your suitcase is full.) Pack only staple shoes, not shoes that only go with one outfit. You need a versatile pair.
  6. Amazon has amazing small travel bottles that limit needing to pack a full size bottle of product.
  7. I also really like these organizational cubes which can keep you organized on the go.
  8. This jewelry organizer is great (remember only jewelry you planned with your outfit). I prefer these over the box ones as they save room.
  9. Pill organizers are also great as they limit needing to bring bulky pill bottles and can also be used to organized jewelry!

Have any other packing tips or space saving tricks? I would love to hear with your comments below!

Happy Packing


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