On this episode we talked about:

(1:50) Trust and know how powerful you are (3:33) Doing all the things, but not finishing them (4:25) We know that we can be the best versions of ourselves (7:32) As women, we don´t know how to put in words how awesome we are (10:07) You can´t have all the systems and all the strategies at once (11:27) I was shuffling in jobs not doing my authentic job: coaching (15:05) Our work here is never done (15:45) I don´t need approval or permission from anyone (16:57) Why does this have to be a confrontation? Why can this be a conversation? (18:03) Having the power within you (18:41) It´s about been worthy of the abundance that you deserve (22:43) You are in control of your own destiny (24:08) We as women know what to do (25:07) Where are you playing the victim in your own life? (26:00) How can you rewrite your focus? (26:46) Most of the time, we overthink what we want to do (29:02) Hire someone that has exactly what you´re looking for

"You don´t have to continue with your job, it that doesn´t fill your expectations"

"I get to choose what I allow into my life and where to spend my money"

"Focus on how good is going to feel when you get all the bad things from your life"

"You´re worthy of speaking what you want without fearing that you´re going to displease other people"


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