On this episode we talked about:

(0:49) Each couple is different, each person is unique (3:26) Living a loving life (6:57) Something greater was calls (8:13) Don´t feel like you´re in this journey alone (12:28) Second-guessing what you´re doing, is okay (14:37) What did I get myself into? (15:54) Being a unique individual (16:31) Our life purpose is to find our secret calling (17:07) You have a strong energy within you (18:39) You are exactly where you need to be (22:23) Not giving up on your dreams (27:28) We are different women: we are wild women (27:44) We are not here to be the same as everybody else

"Remember why you start your journey and keep it in mind"

"My own pattern on my life is finding my own unique secret calling to fully embrace my uniqueness"

"There is something greater than myself that is leading me to this path"


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