After graduation I found myself in over 100k worth student loans and credit card debt.

Throughout college I didn’t pay too much attention to my finances, they were a dark unknown territory that, “if I didn’t pay attention to, they didn’t really exist.” I shuddered at the thought of consciously sitting down and mindfully looking over what I really owed. Carrying around the weight of this debt left me feeling lost and hopeless. Digesting all the foreign language of loan terms, APRs, fixed and adjustable interest rates; literally made me want to vomit. At 26 I had never even kept a properly balanced check book record.

I read Kate Northup’s book: Money, A Love Story: Untangling Your Finances, Creating the Life You Really Want, and Living Your Purpose. Which completely revolutionized my relationship with money. When we constantly remind ourselves of the looming debt we have, are sickened by the credit card debt we have acquired, and berate ourselves daily for our poor financial choices we have made; we keep ourselves stuck in this limited mindset.

I am NOT, by any means, condoning that by going out and doing a money rain dance or praying to the Heavens to erase credit card debt you acquired while boozing it up in college, will magically disappear. What I am saying is:

Raising our vibrational energy through conscious knowledge and practicing money manifestation rituals to help shift our mindsets from scarcity to abundance can dramatically transform our relationship with money; and as a by product of happiness, money abundance follows.

Kathrin Zenkina is a money manifestor, she Founded Manifestation Babe Podcast, your daily dose of personal development for all things #manifesting, #mindset & #money. On Podcast #62, Manifest Your Way Out of Debt, she explains who to how to manifest your way out of debt. She started the year of 2016 over $25,000 in debt. In just 12 months, she paid it off and was able to experience the financial freedom that she had worked all year long to experience. She explains, "it felt AMAZING." In this episode, she shares with you her top 4 tips on how you can manifest your way out of debt and finally experience the financial freedom that you deserve.