A lesson on worthiness.

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

Can you imagine an event from childhood still having an extreme impact on your life today? . I was listening to The Power of Vulnerability by #BreneBrown while looking at old photos from my most recent trip and was almost brought to tears. . When I was in high school and middle school I was called names, laughed at, outcasted. Older girls tormented me, humming the Pink Panther theme song when I walked down the hallway after my pink tipped hair turned into a full head of fuchsia. I DISTINCTLY remember a boy slamming my locker in my face, yelling, I would never be pretty. I would come home crying, begging my mom to let me trade schools or be home schooled. I finally ended up graduating high school a year early so I could get out of there and never look back. . Flash forward to today, it’s so easy to look in the mirror and shame myself EXACTLY the way the kids in high school did, in fact, a 60 million dollar industry relies on us feeling this way. To feel UNWORTHY and not feeling good enough. . I took this photo then didn’t feel WORTHY of posting it, when in fact I was thrilled about my $12 bathing suit steal off #amazon and I had been working my butt off at the gym and even thought to myself “damn you look good.” 😉

👌🏼 . Our worthiness comes from owning our own story. Practicing critical awareness or reality checking expectations and the myths of shame is about standing here and calling myself out on my own inner mean girl and shit talking. . Not feeling sexy, believing I am ugly, imperfect, slutty, too risqué, not feeling comfortable in my own skin, and being afraid of embracing who I truly am is an old story. And it should be yours too. . Step into your feminine. Embrace your own body and uniqueness. Be proud of where you are today. Quiet your #innermeangirl