Are You Hitting Your Wall?

Have you ever had a moment when you felt so dialed into your calling and passion in life it seemed to ignite a fire from your pelvic floor all the way through to your crown chakra? A quick glimpse into a crystal ball to a "life that could be?" An Ah-hah moment?

Mine frequently happens when I'm in the shower, or occasionally, when I'm driving home alone from work. Sometimes when I'm "in the zone" while running outside. (Of course, moments when I don't have a pen.)

Moments like these leave me so full of positive energy. I am left feeling like I can take over the world, no one can stop me, and I am the incredible Queen of Dream Desires of the Universe.

Then something happens...the energy that so rampantly ran through me, from my toes to my ears, begins to fade. I no longer clearly see my goals and desires so close, within arms reach. In fact, it seems there are Universe's apart from where I am now to where my dreams lay. 

And then ever so slowly, the once beautiful, clear vision of what could have been, fades into my memories.

Do you ever have these moments << Test First Name >>? Do you ever have a spark of clarity in your life of your dreams and your goals only to find an invisible wall blocking you from your dream career or dream relationship…

…blocking you from the vision and the lifestyle you truly want?

Can you feel something preventing you from waking up EXCITED about the day ahead, excited about the difference you make, excited to express love fully in a conscious relationship, excited to be the wonderful nurturing parent you yearn to be, excited about how you fill your bank account and fund your heart’s desires…of traveling, investing in your health, supporting causes and the people you love?

Some people think where they end up in their career life is just bad luck, bad karma, just the way it has to be. But there’s actually something very real inside us that is busy sabotaging us from the life we want…every day!

What holds us back is actually a learned #MINDSET of small thinking designed to keep us stuck where we are.

This mindset destroys our beliefs in ourselves. It urges us to hide, think small, throw in the towel and run away from opportunities and most importantly, our TRUE HEARTS DESIRES.

This mindset depletes our focus and productivity. It keeps us overwhelmed, playing it safe, afraid, distracted, scattered, stressed and confused. It sucks our energy!

Thinking differently, crafting a BIG VISION that inspires us and believing we can achieve it are all skills we can learn, practice and master!

Changing our mindset to think bigger is the only way to step into the life of out wildest dreams and fulfill our true destiny. It’s the only way to successfully transition to the authentic life you were BORN for!

But how do we “rewire” our mind to think differently and how do we access the deepest part of us that KNOWS our deepest desires?

Many times we look at others lives and believe they have it all together. We look at their lives and think they have it all figured out, they don't stumble or get stuck, they never experience hardships or personal failures, but I assure you this is NOT, nor ever will be, the case. I used to look at people who had the life that I dreamed about and feel the same way. That would then transfer into my own mindset as:

"they must be perfect, I could never do what they are doing because...I am NOT perfect. I will surely fail, I will fall, and it will most definitely be messy...  My journey will look nothing like theirs..."

I want to share with you the obstacles I have personally overcome in my short time period of working with my #coach.

Believe in myself more than ever, think bigger and removed the self limiting blocks 

Did you know when we are asked about our dream jobs or dream lives we usually only think about 10% bigger than where we now? 10%... that's it.

My coach, in 3 short sessions- remember I missed my first one?!? has made me dream bigger than I could have ever imagined possible. I have faith in knowing everything I desire can happen and is possible. My inner mean girl who shouted, " you can't possibly coach without a certification, you don't deserve to ask for a higher income" has been muted. (she still rears her ugly head every now and again, but that only means that I am leaning towards my edge. I am stepping outside my comfort zone.) My invisible wall, shattered.

Clearly identify my goals and confidently begin living it

For over a year I had been toying with the idea that I wanted to do more than nursing. I wanted to break free from the constraints of typical Western medicine where there is a pill for every ailment. I wanted to help them outside of the hospital walls. I dreamed of helping people who actually wanted my help. I craved and yearned to create lasting impact in their others lives. As many of you know I tried travel blogging, but that felt empty and left me feeling void. I didn't want to write travel brochures or guides for people, I wanted to CHANGE their lives. 

Develop steps to transition me into my dreams, no matter where I am now I frequently flooded my mind with reasons why I couldn't have the dream life I wanted. Why I couldn't become a coach. Why I didn't deserve to have a financially free life. I didn't come from money to invest, I wasn't as smart as all the other entrepreneurs, I didn't have the skill set or the knowledge. I was stuck in a scarcity mindset, a mindset that literally stopped me dead in my tracks from creating the lifestyle I dreamt about.

Accountability from overwhelm, fear, distraction, procrastination, stress and confusion

We all can be our own worst critic, and I was the biggest school yard bully hanging around in Savannah Town. I would create my vision board and write down my dreams, then slowly life would get in the way and my dreams slowly slide to the back burner then  right off the oven. Little day to day task would begin to rule my life and I would quick loose sight of the action steps I had so intricately developed. And this is ABSOLUTLEY ok. Life happens and occasionally events and priorities do need to take precedence over your goals. And sometimes this side steps are absolutely critical in directing you exactly where you need to be, but like I said, I craved more. I wanted to hold myself accountable and responsible for my own vision. I was in a place in my life where I was tired of letting fear and distractions run the show. 

Through all my side steps and runoffs I had finally developed enough courage to lean into my edge and face my fears. Receive and leverage ideas, opportunities and resources that you have been pushing away

Through the work with my coach, I have read books that I would have never been to exposed to, one in particular that has up leveled my entire life. It has truthfully shifted my whole mindset towards becoming a coach. I think differently- my neurons rewired- about opportunities, ideas, and my actions. Actionable steps I have been running away from I now lean into, honoring my edge and realizing this, this is what is required to get outside my comfort zone in the direction of where my goals lay.

Maddy Moon has been such a huge inspiration in my life for the past two years, every week she continues to grasp my heart and feed my soul through her weekly podcast. She teaches perfectionist, masculine-minded women- like myself, how to slow down and step into their feminine flow. I am forever grateful for her teachings and work.

And I want to share with you one of my all time FAVORITE episodes of hers and another absolutely wonderful thought leader, Connie Chapman.

I love you all dearly and hope you find as much resognation and inspiration as I did with it!

xo Savannah

Connie Chapman: Awakening your Feminine Essence, Not Fighting Fear with Fear and Trusting That God Makes No Mistakes