Conscious Relationships

Traveling alone can bring infinite happiness, freedom, and independent to ones life. It can be the beginning of a whole new world. An exciting new adventure that awaits at every sunrise. . Traveling as a couple can be demanding. It can stir up unspoken emotions, bring to light unresolved tension and spark a fire in the most gentle soul. . One of the biggest misconceptions about #relationships, is they are a breeze, you never have disagreements, and always see eye to eye. . Well… my experience has been quite different.

😝I find that by being more authentic, by showing up as your true, honest self and not putting on a front, it takes more intention, more attention, and more expansion. (aka #WORK) Because there is nowhere to hide, my old BS stories, wounds, and insecurities no longer fly. I have nothing to hid behind and my old manipulation tactics simply do not work. . #Conscious means to be aware of…so that means being aware of ALL the parts within you that still need healing, still need attention, still need love. And then bringing that awareness to how you’re showing up within your relationship. And that is both a beautiful dance 💃🏼 and messy at times. . So that means…I have to be RADICALLY #responsible. And not just saying it here…but the type that has me crying on the floor, facing off with those parts of my ego that are in resistance to my own humility. . Yes, sometimes I want to be RIGHT. Yes sometimes I want it MY 😡way. And yes…sometimes that is the exact opposite of what will work for my partner and our highest evolution in the moment. . I hope this sheds light on the misconception of a “perfect” relationship. And running away the moment things get tough. Conscious relationships are next-level amazing because of how much depth, growth, and magic can be created within the partnership, but there is an equal amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that intentionality remains constant. And we, as a collective, get to be more transparent about what it truly takes to hold a #powerful partnership instead of painting pictures of a “perfect” relationship.💞