Ep 2- Kendra Hall: Rising and Thriving, Overcoming Domestic Abuse and Homelessness

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Kendra Hall​, passionately champions for young women and other at-risk populations who are entering into adulthood, through her writing, mentoring, and avid connectivity to resources that she shares to uplift and prosper others. Kendra is the ​mother of f​our ​children​ (3 of whom are now adults). She is​ a devoted advoca​te for young women, ​sharing her own life experiences like being a teenage mother of three children by the age of 18 years​, o​vercom​ing homelessness and ​domestic ​vi​olence. She is best known for her helping and tenacious spirit and is very comfortable sharing her own life experiences with others on a one on one basis to help young women connect to the resources they need. Ms. Hall is driven by her faith and the belief that she can make a positive difference in people’s lives to share her countless personal successes and inspire and instill hope in the people she mentors who are striving to rise above their current circumstances.

Kendra’s must read book: Astral Voyages by Dr. Bruce Goldberg and Make Yourself Unforgettable by Dale Carnegie

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