Ep 27 - How Conscious Business Can Change Your Life with Jenna Faye

Updated: Jan 22

Jenna Faye partners with conscious entrepreneurs to scale their business to sustainable 6 figures while igniting a movement doing their soul's work. She is an Online Business Strategist and Leadership Coach, and is the Co-Founder of Soul Meets Strategy™ Business Solutions.

Jenna's must read books: The Big Leap Gay Handrick

Social Media Links: instagram.com/soulmeetsstrategy www.facebook.com/jennahandel https://www.facebook.com/groups/consciousleadersscaling/

Takeaways from this episode:

- (6:00) If I leave this stable income, what is it going to look like?

- (9:58) How can you really say if it is a success or a failure?

- (15:58) Business is the key to creating shifts

- (20:15) The bigger you grow, the deeper you have to go into you personal journey

- (30:10) Giving yourself a chance at whatever it is you´re trying to do

"There is a reason why you made this decision today and not yesterday or other day"

"You´re taking a leap into the unknown (financial stability)"

"Susteintable income in a corporate job, is really quite a mess"

"We don´t walk this journey alone"

"If you´re not excited, why should anybody else should be?"


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