Hi loves!

My name is Emily and I'm a holistic healer, wellness consultant, and spiritually intuitive life coach, specializing in energy work and mindfulness. As a lovingly self-professed "anti woo-woo" healer, it's my mission and goal to bridge the gap and make this type of work mainstream. Regardless of whether or not someone has a spiritual practice, we are all spiritual, energetic beings having a human experience in an energetic realm. That's not an out-there concept - it's science. And going even deeper, the core purpose of my work is self-love and empowerment, which can show up and be implemented in many different ways.

I spent the majority of my childhood and life playing the victim. I was consistently deemed, "too sensitive', and had to "stop taking things personally." I was bullied and lived in constant fear of speaking up for myself and my needs because if I did, I thought I wouldn't be loved, or that I would upset someone and push them away. I suppressed my emotions and berated myself as ugly and not good enough. And you can imagine this all took a toll on not only my relationships, but my body. For 20+ I struggled with acne, gut health issues, feminine reproductive and sexual health issues, and my mental health struggled. I saw countless doctors and healers, probably took every medication and supplement on the market, bought the crystals, did all the things to no avail. I was in desperation and no one at the time explained to me that all of these things I was turning to wouldn't actually do the work FOR me, which I believed them to, and where I also believe others fall into still to this day. It got to a point where I said enough was enough and without the knowing how, decided to take my healing into my own hands. I think it sounded more like, "screw this, I'm doing it myself!" I used to say it was my health care struggle that led me to who I am today and what I'm doing, which technically it is, but now knowing the entire mind/body/soul connection, everything I experienced weaved a beautifully chaotic web to bring me to this point. And now paired with my intuitive gifts, I'm able to share, heal, teach, and inspire others to take their own healing, and their own POWER into their own hands! We are so much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for! We are the master key - to our health, love, abundance, and prosperity. The the problem is, we continue to seek answers outside of ourselves, blame, victimize, and play small. That's not self-love nor is it empowerment. Self-love and empowerment also doesn't look pretty all the time. It's not going to look happy all the time, especially when we begin to stand up and speak up for ourselves and establish boundaries with people who might have been treating us like a doormat. But taking the time and making the effort to go inwards is not a chore. It's integral for improving your life on every level. We teach others how to treat us and how to love us according to our own relationship with Self.

So with that being said, I'd like to share a little exercise for you to begin learning how to connect with your own intuition, which will also help you be able to distinguish your energy and emotions vs. something you might have picked up from someone else.

This is KEY for empaths.

Find a comfortable space where you won't be disturbed and get comfy. You can sit cross legged or in a chair, just make sure your spine is straight and both soles of the feet on the ground.

Begin by closing your eyes and taking some long, slow deep breaths, in through the nose extending the belly, pause briefly at the time, and powerfully exhale through the mouth, pulling in the belly. Do this 3-5x.

As you do this exercise, make sure to continue to same breath. Very often when we're "seeking" an answer, we constrict and shorten our breath. If that happens, just acknowledge and move deeper.

Mentally ask to be connected to your highest self, your true self.

I also like to introduce this exercise with a simple question as it's the most effective, especially for beginners.

Mentally ask yourself, "Is my name (insert your own name)." and then "show me what a "yes" feels like.

Our intuition has many ways it likes to connect with us and needs to connect with us. For many people it's through the body (you've all heard the term "gut instinct"). For some you might see a visual or imprint in your mind's eye, you might feel something, or you might audibly hear an answers. We're all gifted, many are just latent and it's only a matter of tapping in and strengthening that muscle.

As soon as you receive your answer, ask what a "no" feels like. And play around! If you need confirmation, just ask! Our higher selves, angels, and guides are ALWAYS excited to communicate with you. Start asking more questions, which can even be something related to your health + wellness or a personal relationship like a decision you're sitting with. As an added caveat, I always recommend asking for confirmation there and intuitively asking, "is this true for me or what I want to hear?" You can proceed further then and ask what is best for your highest good and the highest good of all involved.

The more you do this, the more you'll learn about yourself, be able to get to the root of any imbalance in the body, decision making processes, and setting proper energetic boundaries if you feel like you are constantly taking on other people"s "stuff."

Continue the process for however long you'd like and remember you always have your own soul to come back to, time and time again. You are an extension of the divine and what's ultimately true and good for you and in your heart, will never lead you astray! Begin to bring your awareness and attention back to the present moment and open your eyes when you're ready.

I'm a firm believer that all change starts with us and starts from within. And the more we're able to do that, sit face to face with our darkness, our fears, our wounds and traumas, and our past - I do a predominant amount of past life work with clients as that's what also contributes to our limiting beliefs, fears, and patterns in our subconscious- we are better able to come together powerfully to evoke the change in our world that we're looking for and that we so desperately need! We are the creators of our own life experience and we are each part of the collective. There is nothing and nobody outside of yourself that is going to fix you, save you, or give you what you need.

Even a healer, such as myself, are working with YOUR higher self and consciousness during a session, guiding me.

So take a moment and first just acknowledge who you are and where you're at right now, even if it doesn't make you the happiest.

You are so loved and so supported.

You are worthy and more than enough, and everything can change in an instant- your beliefs, your body, health, relationships, finances- if you can muster up the courage to acknowledge that simple truth.

Holding space for you now and always! XOXO

To learn more about Emily and her work visit her website: www.soulfulalchemmy.com

Find her on instagram: @soulfulalchemmy