How Loving Yourself Can Attract You Soul Mate.

The last two years of my life have been a time of learning to let go of others expectations, rekindling a long lost connection with my body, cultivating a deep sense of awareness of my feminine and spirituality, and learning to love myself in my fullest expression. One that’s not always perfectly manicured, prim and proper, but often times looks messy, chaotic and untamed. I’ve learned not shy away from my past or tame my utter zest for life, but instead fully embrace, love, and accept the rampageous inner child who dwells within me as well as the wounded, not so pretty pieces of myself. The ironic thing is, the more I learned to step into my fullest expression and provided myself with the unconditional love I sought in life, the more the universe placed people in my life who were in direct alignment of what I needed in life at that very moment; the simple cause and effect of the law of attraction. Loving myself more led to finding a partner who loved me. Someone who supports my growth and is excited to stand by me as I shine, who loves me through my own obstacles and challenges, who reciprocates my untamed, wild love with the same ferocity. We can all experience this next level type of relationship, the journey begins with ourselves.