How Surrendering to Your Partner Can Actually Be the Most Empowering Thing You Have Ever Done.

Wouldn’t it be great if our partner acted exactly as we wished they would?

All of our precious time and energy we so forcefully cast onto them to fit this precious mold we have in our minds. How they should act, what they should say, what they should do, how they should respond to this. We follow this with additional unnecessary energy by being upset, irritable, worried, and sometimes down right pissed off. In moments like this, we are being led by our Ego, we are imposing our “way it should be” on another person.

This places us in victim mentality, succumbing to failure, by placing our happiness and power in someone else’s hands.

We cannot control another human being, our focus must turn to our hearts, where we have power and control, through our own reactions and emotions.

Surrendering to the moment, accepting your partner exactly where they are right now is challenging and requires practice, but doing so can feel like the most EMPOWERING thing you have ever done.