Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Wether it comes to money, relationships or career, we all have limiting beliefs that keeps us from being who we are or where we truly wish to be. As we progress in life, new limiting beliefs come to the surface. I struggled with negative beliefs especially surrounding love and relationships. For years I believed that all men were a**holes, liars and cheaters. At the time I was 24 years old and had never been in a serious relationship. Attracting f*ckboy after f*ckboy made finding someone decent feel like misson impossible, and to manifest someone who I refused to settle for felt even more out of reach. “All the good ones are taken," “I will never find someone in my city,”“I will be single forever,” "They’re all just a bunch of liars and cheaters” were the stories that constantly played in my mind and that I was subconsciously repeating to my self all the time. With every year that went by up until this point, I felt like it was only getting more and more difficult. Each experience was validating my beliefs, which contributed to me losing even more faith in men, lasting love and relationships. I started questioning if I would actually have to settle for less or face staying single forever.

All of a sudden I had my aha-moment. I realised that if I want to be in a loving and fulfilling relationship, my beliefs and mindset had to change ASAP. What we believe and focus on, is what we attract into our lives. That’s a short and sweet summary of the Law of Attraction. There are hundreds of Universal laws that govern our lives, but the LoA is the most well-known one thanks to “The Secret.” I had known about the basics of the LoA for years, but never cared to apply it properly in my love life. I was just so consumed by all the negativity. I started learning the depths of it, the basics of the other immutable laws and started to shift my focus. I put in time and effort to make changes in my life, and six months later I met Andrew, the man of my dreams (let’s be real, like 80% of the time he is). Although I did a lot of inner work, such as healing, letting go of the past and learning to love myself again, I believe that changing my belief systems and story by replacing my limting beliefs was the key and the last piece of the puzzle. I also attracted my dream job, an apartment in the building I’ve been wanting to live in for 6 years, first class flights, and my ideal lifestyle.

As a manifestation expert and love & soulmate manifestation coach it is now my mission to help women to love themselves again, improve their mindset and heal from the past so that they can manifest their dream man + dream life. I’m here to encourage you not to settle, and inspire you to really believe that you can have it all + a little more! Because anything and everything is possible. I have managed to manifest and attract into my life what seemed to be the impossible, and it’s now my duty to share all my secrets, tips and tools of how I did it.

Let’s start with replacing your limiting beliefs, because that is one of the most important parts. Most people don’t understand that the main thing blocking their manifestations are the beliefs and the limiting stories they subconsciously tell themselves every day.

You see, your life experiences and current reality are a direct reflection of your dominant thoughts which have become your beliefs.

Every belief starts with one or multiple thoughts that you have been thinking repeatedly. Essentially, a belief is just a thought you keep thinking, a limiting belief is therefore a false belief that restricts you in different ways. It keeps you from being who you really are and stop you from achieving what you are capable of. Limiting beliefs also prevent you from being, having and doing what you truly desire. It is important to know that limiting beliefs are often nothing more than perceptions, generalisations and assumptions that you have made based on what you have experienced, seen and heard. Most of us make the mistake of believing that our limting beliefs are the truth. That’s when it really starts to affect your life in a negative way, because you can only manifest what is aligned with your beliefs. In order for your manifestations to come to fruition, you must remove that bullshit story and create a new empowering truth to live by. Let’s use my story as an example. I desired so deeply to have a wonderful man in my life, someone that was at least as obsessed with me as I was obsessed with him. But all I ever focused on was how hard it is to find someone like that, that all men are horrible creatures, and that I will probably be single forever unless I settle. By law, I could only attract the type of men that aligned with my focus and beliefs. How could I manifest an incredible man, when I didn’t even belief he existed? Once I replaced my limiting beliefs and started to affirm my new beliefs on a daily basis, EVERYTHING changed. My new story went something like this: “Everywhere go, I meet the most amazing, kind and respectful men. I am so grateful that I have found the man of my dreams! Every day, I feel love, romance and excitement.” Every man I dated before Andrew just got better and better. I trusted that the right man would come along at the most divine timing. I was making the most of my last time as a single lady, because I knew I wouldn’t be one for much longer. My thoughts and beliefs were in alignment with my desire, and that’s when Andrew came into my life.

It’s now your time to take your power back by remembering that a belief is only a thought you keep thinking. If your current (limiting) beliefs are formed from thoughts you have been repeatedly thinking, you can form new empowering beliefs by starting to continuously think positive thoughts until you start to believe them!

So how can you replace your limiting beliefs?

These are the three steps that will help you make huge shifts. Use them to replace your limiting beliefs and embody the version of yourself who already has your desire.

1. Identify the limiting belief. Your limting beliefs tend to come to the surface when you make excuses, complain, make assumptions, hesitate, doubt or think of a negative outcome. When this happens, ask yourself “Why am I making this excuse?”or “What makes me think of this negative outcome? Why am I convinced it will go wrong?” Your answer will give an indication of your limiting belief. For example, “I can’t start my own business anyway because I’m not smart enough and don’t know enough about it,”or; “I need a college/university degree in order to be successful, so there’s no way I will get that job.”

2. Replace the limiting belief. The key to changing your beliefs is to replace them, rather than remove them. Therefore, once you have identified the limiting belief, you need to replace it with a new, empowering belief. It needs to be something positive, and the opposite of your old, bullshit story. For example, if your limiting belief was “I need a college/university degree in order to be successful,” then your new story can be, “I trust that I have everything within me in order to be successful. I am at peace knowing that the Universe provides me with all the knowledge, tools and opportunities I need in order to make it happen.” Repeat this 10 times every morning and evening + every time you notice yourself think a disempowering belief. After on average, 3 months, your new belief will become a belief for life.

3. Embody the version of yourself who already has the desire. What does success mean to you? What does your day look like? Do what you can to start incorporating bits and pieces of it. How is finally being successful making you feel? Try to cultivate those feelings as much as possible. What does the successful you dress like? Dress like her. What decisions would the successful you make? Make the same decisions. The quickest way to manifest your desires is to act as if you already have them in your life. Your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between what’s imagination and what is real. By embodying the already successful version of yourself, you ensure that this will soon be your reality. You are simply aligning yourself with your desire, which means that you are ready and open to receive it.

These three steps are taken from my workbook Kiss Your Limiting Beliefs Goodbye that I created because every day, I see and hear how much self-limiting beliefs are stopping my clients (and others) from living their most fabulous life. And I know for every one of my girls that I am hearing this from, there are a million others thinking the same things! I am so happy that more and more women are gaining awareness around limiting beliefs and how they work. I wanted to create something that could help along the process. Kiss Your Limting Beliefs Goodbye is designed to help you let go of your past programmed limiting beliefs & negative self-talk so that you can finally manifest what your heart desires. In the workbook, you’ll go deeper in my 10 step process of replacing your limiting beliefs, you’ll find other life-changing exercises, as well as my powerful manifestation tips & tools that will help you take your life to the next level. I’m also teaching you everything you need to know about how beliefs are formed and replaced, and how to protect yourself from other people’s limting beliefs. I encourage you to think about what you desire the most and help you change your self-talk so that you truly believe in yourself and start taking action. This book is a freaking gold mine, and a must have if you are ready to call in all your dreams and take your life to the next level.

May all your dreams become your reality!

Lots of Love,


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