Messy People Who Don't Fit In The Box

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

I graduated high school early, moved out of my parents to start college at 17, bought my first house when I was 21, moved so many times I’ve lost count, at 27 I sold all my belongings to backpack alone across the globe for two months, and have dyed my hair purple. I currently live with my partner even though we’re not married. I’ve moved cross country three times, became the CEO of my own business at 31, I don’t have children, and I definitely still don’t have this life thing figured out.

Coloring in the lines, following a certain path, chronologically filling our life line with incremental milestones that have been programmed in us since we were young kids is beautiful but not mandatory. Life does not have to be pretty and neat, there is no blueprint that dictates the “right way.” Blazing your own trail, forging through the wild, braving the wilderness-often times alone, requires strength and it requires courage. It requires us to call upon our inner intuition and trust the universe to guide us through the uncertainty and fear. The alternative? To settle for a life between the lines? Safely staying within what society labels as “normal,” to live our lives dictated by what you “should” be doing? Stop looking over to see how you compare to everyone else. Look within, FEEL the peace within your heart and know you ARE EXACTLY where you need to be for YOUR life right now. Embrace the messiness and follow your heart.