The Secret to Finding Your Calling...

Have you ever had a moment when you felt so dialed into your calling and passion in life it seemed to ignite a fire from your pelvic floor all the way through to your crown chakra? A momentary glimpse into a crystal ball of "life that could be?" An Ah-hah moment? Mine frequently happens when I'm in the shower, or occasionally, when I'm driving home alone from work. Sometimes when I'm in my zone while running outside. (Of course, moments when I don't have a pen) but mostly moments like this, when I travel. . Moments like this leave me so full of positive energy. I feel like I can take over the world, no one can stop me, and I am the incredible Queen of my Dream Desires of the Universe. When I return home though, something happens...the energy that so rampantly ran through me, from my toes to my ears, begins to fade. I no longer clearly see my goals and desires so close- within an arms reach. In fact, it seems we are Universes apart, from where I am now, to where my dreams lay. And then ever so slowly, the once beautiful, clear vision of what could have been, fades into my memories.

So what happens? What happens to this beautiful creative energy I was once so full of? In my recent work and reflecting back, some of my most productive moments and creative times are when I’ve SLOWED DOWN and done NOTHING. You see, when we push and shove until our schedule is crammed full, we are left feeling depleted and lifeless. We have no room for creativity, our minds are zapped- tirelessly trying to fit all the piece of the puzzle together of our hectic schedule. Although it sounds counterproductive, in order to do more, we must do less. We don’t need more coffee, we need more stillness. The more amount of energy we spend on small-low priority items, the less energy we have for the high priority items which set our souls on fire. Sit in stillness, create white space in your calendar, block off time to do nothing.

THESE moments are when creativity sparks. Reenergize, relax, recoup, and reignite.

xoxo Savannah