What is a Force Multiplier and how you can use it to dramatically shift your life.

Have you ever had a friend who you have told time and time again the same thing, yet they still don't listen to you? Or maybe your spouse or children have been doing something- not taking their shoes off at the door, leaving the drawers half open in the bathroom, failing to put down the toilet seat - over and over again despite you interjecting, pleading your case?

Or maybe this hits a little closer to home within yourself? You've wanted to lose weight, enthusiastically creating a fitness routine and meal prepping, all to have forgotten about it Monday morning after you have hit the snooze four times because your kiddos didn't go to bed until late, now you're running late for work and barely have enough time to brush your teeth, much less workout, and make the healthy smoothie you dedicated 45 minutes to searching the internet for last night. Listen, we have all been there.

I actually believe that trudging through this murky water, knee deep in mud is an essential part of our unique journey. Yet there comes a time, somewhere between, this "shit has got to stop" and "I'm ready to claim my power"... that something just *CLICKS*? It's as if a light has gone off in our minds and clearly, now, you can see your path to victory.  Everything seemingly falling into place soon afterwards.

In science these events are known as FORCE MULTIPLIERS

This happened to me when I decided to only say yes to things that were a HELL YES in my life!

I quit going out when I really wanted to stay home. I stopped staying up late with my partner just to watch his favorite TV shows. I quit saying yes to brunch dates, to dog walks, to workout classes I didn't really want to do. I said no to social outings and even picking up extra shifts at work even though I knew I could always use the extra cash.

I started cultivating a sense of how valuable my time and energy were, I was tired of showing up half ass, with my glass half full in the world. I was over worked, stressed out, and practically running on fumes. 

The moment I reclaimed my power and made ONE decision, that I would only say yes, to HELL YES -is when my world started to change.

I was clear on my values and clear on my boundaries.

And every area of my life started to shift. 

Once I implemented this rule I no long felt remorseful about saying no. I didn't have FOMO while all my girlfriends were out dancing away the night at a popular bar. I wasn't bitter at my partner when I woke up groggy the next morning after staying up later than I wanted to. I felt more centered and grounded. I had clarity, I had control, and I had peace.

That is just one small scale force multiplier in my life, but what about on a larger scale? Is there a force multiplier that can make your entire life improve. Is there one change you could implement. One thought you could change? Until your life is the best it’s ever been?