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I approached Savannah because I was feeling stuck with where my life was. I was afraid of adventuring into new territory with my personal and professional life. I was also a bit curious as to what this coaching thing was! Savannah opened my eyes to a world of new possibilities she was able to help me stay present and focused. She helped me step out of my comfort zone and try new things and best of all she helped me to believe in myself. This resulted in me being able to take more time for my self and react slowly to situations when needed. I am now able to better verbalize what i want and need from both myself and others. One of the best things about Savannah is her openness. Her ability to really listen to what you are saying and to share any experiences about her own life that may benefit you and your situation.Savannah is a compassionate, kind, understanding and honest person, I found the time that I spent with Savannah to be raw and eye opening. She helped me see things about myself that I ether didn’t see or was just not ready to admit about myself. I would recommend contacting Savannah if you are feeling stuck, lost, overwhelmed or maybe even defeated by situations in your life. She is such an amazing resource for helping people fulfill their potential!!

— Cassie